PWS: Fans Livid After Plug Pull, Title Still Vacant

The above testcard is the last thing that viewers saw on last night’s episode of Worldwide as an impromptu match between Corey Bull and Laura Phoenix was stopped in its tracks. Sick of all the chaos backstage from the title being in abeyance, owner Max Sheppard sent Bull and Phoenix to the ring before the final commercial, demanding they crown a new champion in the last segment. With the show already running way over time, announcer Jake Ryland told us the show had been granted an extra ten minutes by the network. Three minutes into the match, right after a near fall, the TV picture turned to static. Viewers were then greeted by the testcard for over a minute, before the next program started. Before the match we saw PWS wrestler Akuma being led into the production truck by a producer, obviously the pertinent question here being did Akuma pull the plug? With him being on the fringe of the title picture at the moment it seems the most obvious call.

Inside the building the lights remained out for a few minutes, with the crowd becoming restless as they were looking to get home. When the lights came on, a graphic on the screen declared “Match abandoned due to technical failure”. This is only the second time this decision has been rendered this year, after an inferno match at Blood Wars back in February was abandoned when the ring mat caught fire in an equipment malfunction. The fans chanted “BULLSHIT!” loudly as they left the stadium, and no return date has been announced.


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